Let our algorithm do the hard work

A camera mounted in the ceiling of the pen takes pictures when the pigs are in motion. The images are examined, and an algorithm calculates the pig’s weight ± 2 kg. Pictures of pigs that deviate from the desired growth curve are stored; the rest are discarded. The information is displayed in an app that generates daily notifications about any deviations (if pigs are growing too quickly or too slowly). Growth charts and images help you spot problems and take action at an early stage.

optimera lönsamheten i grisuppfödning med Pigxcel

Data that creates added value throughout the value chain

Knowing when your pigs are ready for slaughter is valuable information for both slaughterhouses and subsequent trading stages. It facilitates market planning for pork at the same time as the delivery prediction eliminates all possible queries.

As a pig producer, you can more easily keep the slaughterhouse up to date on your production and planned slaughter as well as sales, by continuously sharing data from your Pigxcel system. It creates added value for all parts of the value chain.

Technical description of Pigxcel

Pigxcel is made up of several modules, where the whole forms a complete system for weighing pigs, with the help of advanced camera technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Pigxcel Edge is installed on the farm, where a network of cameras collects images of pigs that are processed using machine learning to obtain the statistical data needed to calculate the pigs’ daily weight.

The system has been trained over a long period with the help of thousands of annotated images to make the machine learning accurate. With the help of Pigxcel’s AI module, it is possible to continuously train the system using collected images and thus increase the accuracy of the weight measurement and monitor that the cameras and AI algorithms function as intended.

The recorded weights are forwarded to Pigxcel Cloud, which analyzes them and calculates weight gain per day and then compares this data with the breeder’s inputted weight goals.

The images that are collected and classified as deviations are also stored in Pigxcel Cloud, so that these can be used to analyze the cause of the deviation in relation to the measured weight.

When a target weight has been reached, or if the weight is below the set weight target, a notification is sent to the breeder who can make appropriate corrections to feed supply or prepare for slaughter.

Via the Pigxcel Portal, the producer can continuously monitor how the weights change over time, set weight goals, extract reports, and manage their notifications.