Pigxcel™ - The Intelligent Weigh

The smart way to optimize the profitability of pig production

Pigxcel is a new, Swedish invention which weighs pigs automatically with the help of camera technology and AI. With automatic weighing, the pigs’ entire growth period is monitored, which makes it easier to hit the right carcass weight and thereby optimize the profitability of pig production. Pigxcel eliminates all the difficult, time-consuming manual weighing, often associated with stress and high risk of injury for both pigs and staff.


Early indication of individuals/pens which deviate from the desired growth curve. Troubleshooting can take place and action can be taken immediately without losing production time.

Optimal carcass weight

Ensures that the carcass weight is in the highest paid weight range. Easily select the pigs that have an optimal slaughter weight when the slaughter truck is to be filled.

Feed consumption

Optimized and adapted feed consumption. Feed prices have soared, and it is important to make sure that every gram is used.

Better work environment

A better and safer work environment. Pigxcel saves resources and eliminates difficult, time-consuming manual work. Manual weighing is associated with a lot of stress and a high risk of injury for both pigs and staff.

Good animal welfare

Improved animal welfare by avoiding exposing the pigs to unnecessary stress. The pigs are completely unaware of the camera that is in the ceiling and are automatically weighed several times a day.


Improved and more flexible work environment for staff. The staff can access weight data with a few clicks via computers, tablets or mobile phones, no matter where they are.

Reduced environmental impact

Reduced environmental impact. Thanks to improved follow-up, optimized production, and slaughter at exactly the right time, feed and water are saved while greenhouse gases are reduced.

Hur mycket skulle du tjäna på att investera i Pigxcel?
Play Video about optimera lönsamheten i grisuppfödning med Pigxcel

Pigxcel is a newly developed digital system for the automatic weighing of pigs

With the help of advanced camera technology and AI, the tool plans, analyzes and optimizes every stage of pig production, to ensure smarter, more environmentally friendly, and more profitable production.

With automatic weighing, the pigs’ entire growth period is monitored, which means that both slaughter weights and feed consumption can be optimized. The weight is also an important indication of the pig’s health, and a healthy pig is always a more profitable pig!

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Who are Smart Agritech Solution?

Smart Agritech Solution is the Swedish technology company behind Pigxcel, a digital solution for the automatic weighing of pigs using camera technology and AI. Our vision is to contribute to a digital transition in agriculture and specifically pig production. Pigxcel is a pioneering technology giving the industry a completely new tool for optimized profitability and improved animal welfare.

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